Tekbaş Group, reflected it’s silo, plaza and insurance experiences coming from the past into two housing projects, realized in Adana and Antalya provinces as the Tekbaş Yapı. At the beginning of 2017 Tekbaş Yapı laid the foundation of its third big project, which aims to give a direction to the construction sector.


During 2019, 600 flats will be delivered as the first stage will be followed by 300 flats as the second stage and finally 300 for third stage. Total 1.200 flats will be delivered to new owners in 48.000 square meters and 8 blocks complex.

The project, which offers different sizes of flats, is designed for all age groups with all educational, health, sports and artistic activities..

Company Name : Tekbaş Yapı

Address : Koza Mah. Turhan Cemal Beriker Blv. No: 652/A Seyhan/ADANA/TURKEY

Phone : +90 322 441 30 30

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